Messages from the Leadership

Sharif Khan Pathan
- Hon President
His Message
‘Every child deserves to be the best of what he is’

M.S.Public School has an exceptional track record in providing high quality education. We combine traditional values of discipline, respect and good behaviour with contemporary methods in teaching. With these core principles in place, we develop our students into happy, educated people with the desire and drive to succeed. Our School is a thriving, happy and successful comprehensive school.

Our dedicated teaching, support staff and management are committed to providing a first class education, full of opportunities for our pupils to achieve both within the classroom and beyond. We see education as a true partnership between teachers, pupils, parents and other members of our large and varied community.

M.S.Public school prides itself on caring for the individual. Every child is cared for and is important to us. We work hard to ensure not only that pupils reach their maximum potential but are also happy during their years with us. I welcome you and your child to our school.
Mohammad Khan
- Head Trustee

As Trustee of this prestigious institution me, management and staff have worked together inharmony and have been progressing with great strides. Each year we have innovative changes made in methods of teaching and in introducing new trends in every sphere.

We march with "a fresh approach" to shape our Tiny Pearlites to become responsible learned members of our society with sound moral values.The unconditional support of the Management, the untiring dedication of the teachers and the regular cooperation of eager parents have been conducive for the development of the school asa whole and of each student as an individual.

Education is the tool with which you etch your future, so we strive to transform the tiny grain of sand who has entered the glorious shell of our school embedded in the ocean of knowledge, into the lustrous Pearl to be a Jewel to their family, state and nation.

Zaid Khan

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”. – Sydney J Harris

The world today is different from what it was when we were in school. Today, the ability to interact in varied social settings is increasingly becoming the most important attribute of human development. Even in the workplace, team‐work and distributed relationships have become the hall marks of success for an individual. It is therefore all the more important to begin the process of developing these qualities at the formative stage itself.

At M.S.Public School, we have been continuously working towards providing a proper balance between academic excellence and all‐round development of your child.

We realize the value of experiences and have designed to bring an enriching and varied experience for your child. Educating students with the assistance of modern technology like Smart Boards will go a long way in not only attaining the objective of a national outlook but also making them perfect in every field.

The excellent quality of training provided to the boys and girls in this school is reflected in their achievements in all fields of life.

Tanzila Khan Pathan
- Trustee
One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” - Malala Yousafzai

We are witnessing an era where education will be our greatest and most irrevocable gift to the next generation. Remember, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.Working together is success."

May Allah help us succeed in the challenges we face, grow more and spread our branches wider so that we may achieve more laurels for this great trust of ours. My gratitude to all who have made a significant contribution to our school.

We will leave no stone unturned to further enrich this legacy of our esteemed organization.
Message from Principal
We welcome you to M.S.Public School.

We give the students support and encouragement that they need to attain their full potential.Today in the era of liberalization, privatization & globalization we will provide our best to ourstudents to enable them to successfully meet the challenges of the real world.

Our School is managed by the Nawab Khan Abbas Khan Charitable Trust. The Aim of the trust is to be unique, keeping a modern and Holistic approach. We provide the best education with the lowest fees. Admissions are open to all, irrespective of caste, under privilege , have and have not wards. We follow the "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR" motto, & prescribe ways to live best and study to achieve proficiency, morality and physical fitness.

Various strategies are tried out to bring in more improvement, like Each One Teach One, vigorous revision, student presentations, self-assessed mock tests, remedials and creating aScholar’s Batch to motivate and polish the bright stars of each class.

We manage sincerely with qualified and trained teachers to provide and mold our students accordingly.

Best wishes to our students.