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Every child has inherent talents and traits that make him unique. At M.S we offer an environment that gives every child an opportunity to discover his talents and explore them. This enables him to choose a path in life most suited to him. The correct choice, combined with grit and perseverance, will lead to success and fulfilment. This way, M.S will help your child write his own unique story.


Class Rooms -
There are 43 Class rooms at M. S.Public School. Classes are spacious and scientifically designed to ensure that each student has sufficient space, and each faculty member has facilities necessary for addressing students.

Smart Classes -
The school provides digital learning facility for learning, research and general awareness in all the classrooms.


Computer Laboratory -

Technological education focuses on developing students' ability to work creatively and competently with technologies that are central to their lives. Working towards the above, the school offers a state of the art computer lab where the students practice under the guidance of well trained teachers.Computer education is made compulsory from fourth std. The theory & practical exams are conducted to assess the progress of the students, in the computer course.

Science Laboratories -

"Learning by doing" could well be the motto for the school's science department. Students take a hands- on approach to the natural world. By conducting experiments in modern laboratories, students formulate questions, apply scientific techniques and unlock the secrets of the world around them. Success comes from curiosity and perseverance. Students gain an understanding of the major concepts of science, how the concepts were developed, and how they are used to explain the behavior of the natural world.SportsThe School


The School strives to nurture each student's academic ability, leadership, and sense of self through a challenging curriculum and a structured diverse range of co-curricular activities.Many opportunities are offered to every student to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities. Participation in these activities not only helps to draw out and develop his various talents and aptitudes, but also inculcate in the pupil, the spirit of healthy competition. It also teaches students the values of co-operation and sportsmanship, making the student a more disciplined and an organized individual. Regular opportunities are given for intellectual pursuits like- debates, essay writing, quiz, and general knowledge competitions. Workshops, seminars and group discussions are a common part of the learning process in the school curriculum.Every student is encouraged to participate in one event or the other. The School celebrates all the national and school festivals, which provide ample opportunities to the students to display their hidden talents.


The School has great emphasis in sports & games in the curriculum, as we provide ample opportunities to develop a spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation & help for expression of talent potential of children. To achieve these aims, School has provided facilities for various outdoor games, like- Athletics, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho and indoor games like - Chess, Karate, Wrestling,Boxing etc. In future Skating & Badminton as outdoor sports will be introduced.Our school takes active part in Khel Mahakumbh every year where participants from M.S.PublicSchool emerged as the winners at the Khel Mahakumbh Ahmedabad Rural District on 21 March 2022, and got selected for the State level.

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